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House Plans/ Architectural Designs

Dear reader,

I am an Architectural Designer practices on free-lance basis. All my designs are providing with 3D visualizations. Rates are competitive and negotiable

Design Range:
Residential houses, Holiday bungalows & all type of Personal and Commercial buildings

- Inspection and guidance for selecting Lands,
- Architectural designs with 3D visualization
- Fundamental Vaasthu recommendations
- Drawings for Municipal/Rural Council approvals
- Working Drawings
- Structural drawings( through an experienced Structural Engineer)
- Estimates / Bill of Quantities (BOQ)
- Guidance for Bank loans
- Renovations
- Supervising construction teams.
- Construction

Assistance for approval process can be provided for busy clients and specially for the clients working overseas.
Also, entire process, of the project, can be taking care of, if required by the Client.

Contact: Ravi Rajapaksha
Ravi Rajapaksha

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House Plans/ Architectural DesignsHouse Plans/ Architectural Designs

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